Camping Luca Vuerich, Italy by Giovanni Pesamosca Architetto | via

The structure, with 9 beds, is located at an altitude of 2531 meters in the Julian Alps, on the crest of the Foronon Buinz Mountain, in the group of Montasio, along the Ceria-Merlone trail. It wants to be a niche and shelter for mountaineers and hikers, for mountain’s lovers, built in this place to remember Luca Vuerich: mountain guide, climber well know in the international scene, who died in January 2010 at age 34 because an avalanche while climbing an iced waterfall in the mountains, near Tarvisio.

The camping, built and commissioned by the family of Luca Vuerich along with the Mountain Rescue of Cave Predil, not only remembers the form of a chapel, but is designed to support heavy snow loads that can be stored during the winter. Three façades are completely submerged in the snow, and the access is done in the south side, thanks to the sun.

The property with an area of 16 square meters is made of wood, and elevated from the rocks over 6 concrete columns. Designed and built x-lam panels.

Photography: Flavio Pesamosca

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